t’s the oldest and most intractable of human problems - aging and death.

Now, a handful of Silicon Valley research labs, started by some of the worlds richest tech billionaires, are on the verge of finding the cure to many age-related diseases, radically extending lifespan, and perhaps even achieving the impossible, immortality.

Take for example Altos Labs one of the most lavishly funded ($3 billion) startups in life-extension history.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Russian-Israeli entrepreneur Yuri Milner are backing Altos in its program to rejuvenate human cells, resetting their epigenetic clocks.

Or Unity Biotechnology, where PayPal founder Peter Thiel has committed millions to develop therapies and medicines focusing on senescent or "zombie cells", i.e., cells that have stopped dividing. Such cells are thought to hold the key to rejuvenating aging tissues.

And then there’s Calico, a pure research subsidiary of Google/Alphabet.  With Google founder Larry Page on board, Calico was able to secure major investments whose goals are understanding ageing markers, as well as developing treatments for cancer and neurodegeneration

What does that mean for you?  Well, remember the way NASA research threw off hundreds of patentable innovations, new technologies that private companies used to turn into commercial products?

These generously financed research labs and dozens like them are serving as guideposts.  They're identifying productive avenues of inquiry where smaller companies should focus their attention as they develop effective anti-ageing products.

    Will new life extension breakthroughs reach us before it’s too late?

Take for example the work Aptos is doing with telomeres, protective caps at the end of our chromosomes shown to be correlated with health and lifespan.  Imagine if we could isolate man-made or naturally occuring compounds which slow or arrest telomere erosion. What would that mean for age related disease and disability? What would it mean for immortality?

Or what about cellular regeneration and reprogramming?  Are there supplements, extracts, or therapies to stimulate our immune system and repair cellular decay?

Latest avenues of life-extension research:
- Cellular reprogramming and repair
- Immune system augmentation
- Telomere preservation and protection
- Genetic markers and mechanisms

These 3 labs are performing vitally important work. They're laying the foundation for mankind's understanding of ageing and death - how human biochemical systems function - what triggers cellular level rejuvenation.

If you're over 60, you really can't wait decades for this research to pan out.   It's more than likely you have current age related problems that require some level of medical attention.

So, are there supplements, extracts, or therapies which can harness the power of your immune system and repair cellular decay. Are there therapeutics that can slow or stop the aging process?

“I want to live a healthy vigorous life. I'm tired of the pain. I want more quality time with my family. I want my sex life back."

Right now there are life-extension companies doing amazing work fighting age-related illnesses.  Creating products designed to slow the erosion of telomeres, flush your body of "zombie cells" and promote cellular repair.

Not 20 years from now, but TODAY!.

We’ve identified one such program that builds on the latest life-extension research, offering hope to people seeking to delay age-related illness and physical decline.

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